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Gabe is a singer, songwriter, artist, and author. His personable qualities come to life through his many outlets. His vulnerable and candid lyrics speak to the hearts of many in their joys and in their sorrows.

Musical Journey

Gabe Schillman began his pursuit of music at the age of 15 after he and a group of friends decided to
take their 2nd place winning church youth group air-band to the next level. After gathering up anything
of value that wasn’t bolted down around the house and convincing an older friend to broker on their
behalf, Gabe and his newly formed band pawned enough VCR’s and Nintendos to purchase
instruments. Gabe taught himself 4 chords the first night he had possession of his “Peavey Accelerator”
guitar, 12” Crate amplifier, and ‘Tube Screamer’ distortion pedal, 2 months later he and his band,
‘Guardrail’ were opening for a nationally touring artist and had secured a management contract.
After signing a recording contract with ‘Schoolhouse Records’ the band released a professionally
recorded self-titled E.P. and toured consistently for several years. The success of Gabe’s first band led
him to Nashville, TN where he secured a writing & recording contract with Oklahoma based record
label ‘Little Chuckie Records’. Gabe wrote & recorded the L.P. “Sparkster” that featured multiple
songs featured in television and radio promotions nationwide. The album experienced critical acclaim
and led to opening performance opportunities with acts such as: Pat Green, Gary Allen, Styx, REO
Speedwagon, Wynona Judd, and many more.

After many years of live performance and writing, Gabe moved back to Michigan and opened a studio
and venue in the quaint W. Michigan river-town of Newaygo, MI. The studio offered community
members of all ages and skill levels a range of opportunities to learn and create. The studio was
successful and allowed Gabe the opportunity to write and record his 3rd studio project, a professionally
produced E.P. titled “Born of Flame”.

Gabe’s studio closed its doors in 2020 and Gabe shifted back to songwriting and live performance. As a
20+ year veteran to the music industry with a renewed passion for writing, Gabe is enjoying a
professional career as a touring songwriter. Additionally, Gabe Schillman’s oil on canvas artwork has
become wildly popular and has been the feature of museums, galleries, public displays, homes, and
businesses around the world.

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